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Ahh, to wake up to 8 inches of freshly fallen snow is a rare treat in March. Scratch that, it's pretty much EXPECTED in March. Kinda like mother nature giving you one last kick in the pants before letting the crocuses come up.

It really was rather beautiful. I didn't even somuch mind that I had a 3 hour commute (normally a 20 minute commute) or that my route could only be explained in diagrams, clicks and whistles (uhh...3 bus--yes, bus--pileup on a 4 lane highway...the lords of chaos rejoice, "What fun!"). By the end of the day St. Paul got about 10-12 inches of wet, heavily compacted snow. The kind that comes down in clumps instead of flakes and sticks on EVERYTHING (only to fall off in sheets and hit small children on the head later).

I have reaffirmed that there is absolutely no greater joy in life than coming inside after being out in the snow. There is no greater warmth or comfort than walking through the door, soaking wet, into a warm kitchen and being able to immediately strip off all clothing and hang it on a warm radiator. It's the same principle as, "Those who are denied no pleasure never truly experience pleasure." I was outside shoveling (in what the locals call "heart-attack snow"). Certain parts of my body always get cold (i.e. the toes, the fingers and the butt--don't ask me why my butt ALWAYS gets cold) and certain parts are too warm and sweaty (for indeed, shoveling snow really is difficult work). But there's nothing like seeing the physical accomplishment of a sidewalk shoveled--the pristine blanket of snow undisturbed save for your path. There's nothing like that first step in the door, feeling accomplished, rosy-cheeked, drippy and so totally alive that you want to breath more deeply just to savor the experience. Ah well, perhaps it's just a cold climate thing.

I read quite a bit this weekend. I was supposed to be transferring data from my old laptop to my shiny new laptop (with TIGER operating system *geek squeal*). That didn't somuch happen.

Son of Avonar Carol Berg. 3 of 5 stars. 1st in a quartet ("The Bridge of D'Arnath). Straight ole' fantasy-for-pleasure. Quite good, but easily compared with too many other series to have a unique voice. It was really hard to put down (which was good) but really hard to pick up again (which was very, very bad). The author took a risk telling the story in first-person limited narrative solely in the voice of one person--especially since that person wasn't immediately likable or sympathetic, or even very interesting (and continues not to be so). Since I'm a nutjob about finishing things, I'll still read the rest of the series.

Guardians of the Keep Carol Berg. 4 out of 5 stars. 2nd in the quartet. Purdy darn good. I was pleased that the second book of the series actually had some meat to it. The first-person narrative switches in between people a'la George R. R. Martin or Jonathan Stroud--this is a wise move on the author's part.

I'll be infinitely happier (and wealthier) when the library reopens downtown and I can read books without having to buy them. May 20th people, I'm counting down.

Just a few:
The Sun Also Rises Hemingway--HC a Derrick find, which sort-of redeems the Harry Potter "ipotterate" thing
For Whom the Bell Tolls Hemingway--HC also Derrick's find
A Farewell to Arms Hemingway--HC The boy is obsessed with Hemingway...
Legends 1 Silverberg--HC, collection of short fiction by famous fantasy authors
Supernaturalist Eoin Colfer--SC, also a Derrick find..he likes Artemis Fowl as well.
Equal Rites Mort Terry Prachett--SC, more Discworld
Dragonbone Chair Stone of Farewell Tad Williams--HC
Silverthorn Feist--HC
...and there are about a dozen more, Winds of Fate, Gunslinger, East of Eden, The Kitchen Boy, Moonheart, Spindle's End, Sarah, Thief Lord, The Ill Made Mute, The Hounds of Morrigan....yeah...there are a few more as well.

And we spent under $30. Whew. I tire so easily of attempting to format things :)

I miss snow and people who know how to shovel.

Date: 2006-03-14 03:07 pm (UTC)
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So everyone would joke to me, the newcomer to Syracuse, about how much it would snow and how I wouldn't be able to survive it. Right. I'm from Minnesota, and although we probably get less snow, it is much, much colder. Well, as it turns out, we maybe have gotten a foot and a half this winter. Lake effect my ass. I want to play in the snow. On the bright side, everyone here is too lazy to go out and shovel the snow when it does come flying down. So it's good we haven't had much. I've had to walk in busy streets because the sidewalks are impossible to navigate. I've nearly broken bones trying to guess where the steps are on a steeply inclined set of front steps. sheesh. I wish I could go play in the snow. Safely.
From: [identity profile]
Don't feel too left out . . . until this last dump, we haven't gotten much this Winter either . . .


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