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SO very random:

Randomness #1: About a half an hour ago, I licked an envelope to send a "Congrats on the new baby!" card off to my cousin [Baby Name for this one: Nathan James--I like it!]. For some reason, I can STILL taste the adhesive in my mouth and it doesn't taste delish with coffee. It tastes rotten something-or-another. Blech.

Randomness #2: I keep dreaming about my fish dying. Not random fish dying, MY fish dying. In the dreams they're in a smaller-than-they-need container of some sort (usually a plastic bag, or a tiny clear aquarium) and they're floating on the top because of something I've done wrong (too much/too little heat, food, attention, etc.). What does this mean?

Randomness #3: I read a really great book. Well, not REALLY great, but it was "a beautiful little book." It was The Sun and The Moon and The Stars by Stephen Brust. It's a sort of mish-mashed retelling of a Hungarian folk tale, interspersed with a "modern day" (1980's) college-aged painter waxing poetic about his art, artists, life and a painting. Usually I have very (VERY!) little tolerance for books-by-artists-about-their art--I find the rambling, whining suffering-artist diatribe kind of pretentious in general. [That being said, it's kind of amazing that I like Kafka so much, I mean really, could I be more contradictory? I guess it depends on the writer/writing style.] This book, however, was very...beautiful. I feel that my time reading it was worthwhile, it was just as long as it needed to be, and it said a lot of things that were properly balanced between the idealistic and the pragmatic. It's shelved among the "Fantasy", but aside from the wandering fairy tale, it's really not fantasy at all--although the fantasy element does a nice little complementing number with the other story.

Randomness #4: Friday!

Randomness #5: I just looked at my paystub and discovered that I have over 4 weeks of vacation time and over 2 weeks of sick time for this year. That being said, I haven't taken more than a day off (and non-vacation comp days at that) in about 2 years. Honeymoon in Europe? Errr...not thinking about THAT right now.

Edit: Randomness #6: YAY! I just found my eyeliner that I had bought at Target on Monday. It had mysteriously disappeared in the bowels of my office and I just... couldn't... find it. It was in a box of organic fruit strips--though I'm not entirely sure how it could have possibly ended up there.

Date: 2006-06-30 05:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow. Let's hear it for a Random Friday!!!

Date: 2006-06-30 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What does this mean?

...that the envelope glue was fish-flavored?


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