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I do not choose to defend my decision to run every day, I just do it.

Nike would be proud (my shoes, however, are Aesics).

You would think that I was announcing I was killing babies everyday after work with the negative reaction I get (from multiple people, not just the worrier *grin*).

I'm going to do the running thing tonight.

*insert gasps and screams of horror!* "NO! Don't do it!"

I shower every day. I run every day. It's just a routine. It's less time per day than most people spend watching TV--and it's a whole lot better than that brain atrophy mess. (Not that I don't enjoy my share of TV.)

Stop hassling me about it world.

In other news: I hate the new posting form, but then again, I always hate change, it's in my habitual nature.
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True, official statements:

--I've been cavity-free since 1983. That is to say, I've never had one, but the little slogan is catchy, no? I really don't mind going to the dentist, but then again, I've never had pain at the dentist and they DO have neat reclining chairs.

--My treadmill is my crack/addiction. The treadmill broke (bearings in the rollers just decided to disconnect) and there's no way that Derrick can fix it without the proper replacement parts (yeah, I know, duct tape fixes anything EXCEPT when you're going to be bouncing on it for 1 1/2 hours each day at various inclines). We look online for parts. He turns to me, "Well, the total cost is going to be $94 with the roller and a new belt that we've needed for a while."

I froth at the mouth. "I don't care how much it costs, just order it NOW. Do they have overnight shipping?"

See. Like crack. Gotta have it now, don't care how much it costs. So now I have a forced break from running inside. MAJOR suckage.

--Alterations on wedding dresses are INSANE. $360 for a few inches and a bustle. It was all I could do to run out of the shop screaming, "RAPE! RAPE! RAAAAPE!" I thought better of it, and just ran out after paying for the base price of the dress...and cried "uncle" to my aunt who is a proficient seamstress.
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Okay, all that glorious shoveling glee from Monday? I think I overdid it a tad. I shoveled the driveway, came inside, did my usual run, and then went back outside and shoveled the rest of the driveway and all the back sidewalks. Now my back is pretty much screaming at me. (I know, I know, bend at the knees. . . blah.)

On the positive side, I seem to have much better runs when I have severe muscle pain in one area or another (this is very odd to me, perhaps it's because the running loosens up the muscles, or because it releases hallucinogenic and analgesic chemicals into my body making me happy AND oblivious). I've noticed this with my back now and whenever I'll do hills outside and get cramps in my hamstrings and upper thighs (what's that called again...oh yeah, my quads). I know of no logical explanation.

We're also supposed to get another 8" of snow tomorrow. Happy, happy, joy, joy :)

Oh, and my Star Trek mini-figurine collectible play set came in the mail today (Ebay, of course) proving that I have pushed the boundary from toy collecting to just plain geekification. I think I now qualify as a card-carrying member of Geeks-R-Us. *shakes head* It was inevitable.

Edit: Oh, for anyone in the fam, dad called to tell us that Denise had surgery today. They removed the pin from her arm and "fixed" the tendons in her shoulder so it doesn't keep popping out of socket (very, very painful). So that's a good thing. He doesn't know a room, room number, when she'll be out or even what hospital she's staying at. So basically he called to say that he doesn't know anything (and to talk to dad talk to Derrick. How incredibly cute...).


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