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Derrick scraped off the popcorn ceiling and patched the holes, put up 1/4" sheetrock on the one wall, mudded, patched, painted.... Oh, and he took the trim off to re-seal the room because occasionally we would see bat wings/bits hanging down on the wall below the trim just a bit.

I'm wondering if one colored wall was enough, but it turns out that it actually makes the wood look a lot better. So it will just be how it will be. I'll hang stuff on the wooden walls and then it won't be so much.

We'll just do white accents for everything. Maybe switch out these curtains for the white ones in the other room, white crib, etc.

Still need to: do more electrical, install new lighting, repair closet door, clean out remaining stuff...

I really like the green color, though. (It looks dark in the picture, but that's the lighting--that room gets no light in the morning--it's really quite bright.) I'm thinking of other places I could use it in the house (our bedroom is already a sagey-slightly-more-muted green). Maybe the kitchen needs to go from brown to green. Man, was I ever nuts about earth-tone neutrals when we were first repainting over the hideousness of the previous owners.
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I think this crib looks like futuristic baby-jail:

Which is hilarious. (And kind of ugly.)

This is the pod where we harvest our infants!

I would never spend that much on a crib. Ever. Ever. EVER.
1. It's a crib. Not a used car.
2. Kids are rough on cribs.
3. Do you know how many cheap, new cribs there are on craigslist with the description, "My baby hated the crib and never slept here..."? TONS.
4. That's just super-ridiculous.
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So this is the office that we're making into the nursery.

[The dresser is going to be raised a few inches and the changing pad will be put on top of it. My MIL got it for us and refinished it. It's a cool antique.]

The original plan was to cut the wood paneling in half, add a picture rail, cover the top half (removed) of the plaster with thin sheetrock, and paint it. So it wasn't SO MUCH WOOD, y'know.

[Why yes, that is a Pentium II processor computer. Yes, it is going away. Along with the desk and the chair.]
[And yeah, the other "stuff" is in the process of being cleaned out of the closet. Hence the mess.]

But then we discovered that it isn't thin veneer panel on top of plaster like we thought--it's VERY thick solid pine paneling with NO plaster behind it. So removing just part of it would be very difficult. It's all or nothing.

So it's just going to be how it is. D offered to try to do it (and I'm sure he could) but I'm in favor of the simple solution. (Bonus: It will make hanging stuff on the wall VERY easy! Unlike the rest of our plaster-walled house which crumbles if you LOOK at it funny with a nail in your hand.)


The rug might stay. I don't love it, but it was free and it fits. Or I might move it to our bedroom and get a bright green IKEA rug or something. We're also going to scrape the texturing off the ceiling and re-paint because popcorn ceilings are the work of the devil.

Here's the dilemma. There's so much wood-color! I like wood furniture, but I'm afraid without any pops of color that it will be very...wooden in there. But then what the heck colors do you use? Something that matches the rug (irrelevant if we get a new rug)? Should I consider a white or colored crib instead of the wooden (unfinished/just stained/sealed) crib?

It also needs a lamp and some new lighting that doesn't create dark-shadow corners.


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