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Oct. 9th, 2013 10:09 pm
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We're staying at a hotel that has only been open for a week. It has that very-new-building smell that you don't really get to experience all that often. The carpets are still all squishy; without all the gross matting and wear-and-tear that you see in hotels. I stepped into the hotel ballroom and did not instantly start dripping from my nostrils (rare!). The towels are standard hotel towels, but they are SO FLUFFY. Not the threadbare, thinned, rough towels that they'll be in a month or two and then forever and ever after.

But there are definitely trade-offs. They totally don't have their shit together in any way, shape or form. Check-in time was 1 p.m., we got to the hotel at 3 p.m. and had to wait in the lobby until 6 because our rooms weren't ready. Not that they weren't cleaned, no. They were STILL INSTALLING STUFF. As it was, I was put into a handicap-accessible room...and they haven't, um, made it 100% handicap-accessible yet. Also, when I use the shower it floods the bathroom.

No one seems to know where the soap is. They haven't figured out how to make the auto-faucets sensitive enough to actually work for more than three seconds at a time. No one can make the room keys work right the first half-dozen times and people are constantly missing their floors (you have to use the key to access your floor) or going to the desk to get new keys. The woman at the restaurant told us that kale was a type of cheese.

But the best part is that they are ridiculously ill-equipped to handle an event. They don't have enough chairs, guys. Part of our audience WILL STAND tomorrow. The A/V crew is currently STILL setting up (they have been since yesterday). What's taking them so long? They didn't install the house lighting yet. So lights are either dim or off. There is no "on". They had to drill the holes in the ceiling to install the rigging mechanism for the A/V lights. This is totally unheard of.

But at least the towels are really fluffy.


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