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Linky-linky, just for fun. Profound, sad and funny, all in one:

This website has a profound effect on me for some odd reason. Depending on my mood it can truly leave me blubbering and crying like a baby. My empathy chip is set way too high: Post Secret

This website is entirely depressing, but is frank in such a way that I can't look away: What I Killed Today

And everyone should read Christopher Moore's blog. Seriously. Do it. You'll love it. I give you a money-back guarantee (since it's free, I'm giving you nothing, really, but you'll still love it). Chris Moore's Blog


Sep. 27th, 2006 12:55 am
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Proof that music videos from the 70's were always just one short step away from pornos at any given time:

Seriously, I keep expecting them to get down-n-dirty in the grass. It would be orgytastic 70's style.

I laugh every time the female dancers first come on screen. Holy crap. Even more awesome: the keyboard player's intermission to stand around semi-rhythmically and look at the lovely singing ladies.

My boss and I were, for some strange reason, comparing horrid music videos today, and we stumbled upon this one--which has passed up horrid and is simply fantastic.
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Star Trek (TOS) does Monty Python. Oh. My. God. I just about died laughing. It helps that this is about the best song ever (even the lego-people version is great). Must watch again, and again, and again.

Additionally, I'm about halfway through the second (2 out of 3) season of Star Trek (TOS). You know you're watching too much Star Trek when you start having ...eehhem... naughty dreams about (young) Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock on a semi-regular basis.

Why, oh why, were there only three seasons of this wonderful show? The geek in me is going to pout fiercely when it's all over....and then continue on with Star Trek TNG.
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Okay, I know it's so in vogue to hate on Ann Coulter right now, but it's so darn EASY to do. Especially when she's such an evil wicked-witch-of-the-west (traditional, not Maguire-ized) type figure. (And really, who doesn't secretly love having a good villain?)

I was on Fark yesterday... (which if you don't read, you really should if only for the photoshop contests), and found this:

So. Did Hitler say it? Did Ann Coulter say it? Can you tell the difference?

I, um..pretty much failed the quiz. But you won't...try it and let me know how you do.

Let the hating commence.


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