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So. I'm in the middle of wedding "junk". By "junk" I mean planning. I find this both terribly frustrating and incredibly uninteresting. I suspect it's also uninteresting to people not currently having weddings. Kind of like how book reviews are lost on non-readers, and kids & cats are rather uninteresting to those devoid of them (unless the anecdotes are of extraordinary amusement). After all, would a non-cat owner understand how cute it is that you cat plays fetch? Not really, but a non-cat owner might be amused by your cat learning to speak in tongues and bitch-slapping the neighbor kids. A non-kid person would look puzzled when it was "just the cutest thing" that my niece told me she was going to marry Derrick. However, a non-kid person might appreciate that my niece figured out how to say "mommy has a big butt" in the middle of a crowded store (my sister prompted that one, not me).

So. I try to keep long anecdotes about cats, books, kids or other-such under cuts. That way I figure people have the freedom to click, or not to click (and is there really any question?). The bonus is that I avoid boring myself--but still get the necessary "my cat ate plastic Easter grass and pooped out green stuff for a month" catharsis (you can't keep that kind of information inside'll kill you).

And cut.

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