Jan. 27th, 2006

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Well, that’s it. As of 10:30 Friday, I’m a (officially & contractually) published author. I have my page proofs off to the final editor, and I just have to wait until May for a hardcopy.

Dang, I’ze even on Amazon and all that fancy jazz, I’mean shoot!

I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I think I should be happy, but I’m really thinking, “That was easy….TOO easy, what's the catch?” Combined with, “This doesn’t really count, because it’s not a book that I WANTED to write.”

So I have an exclusively corporate book that corporate trainers will (supposedly) buy and put on their resource shelves in their offices. Supposedly I’m supposed to supposedly go on a speaking tour and do some book signings at the places where trainers congregate. Supposedly.

I’m just hoping that this will; a) look super-duper on a resume somewhere in the future, and b) open some doors for me when I do write that “great American novel” and refuse to do Oprah’s book club out of sheer spite (okay, and out of sheer lack of being asked). Yeah, I have low expectations.

Speaking of books, ASOI&F is going along just swimmingly. It's one of those eerie series that I dream about CONSTANTLY. The only other series that I remember doing that with was Robin Hobb's Assassin trilogy and Fool Trilogy. That means they're tre' good :)


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