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A co-worker got me hooked on, a site which builds a streaming playlist for you based off of a singular artist of your choosing. While it has major faults (no elective replaying of songs, really no way to "store" music and such, it's a great way to gain exposure to little-known artists that are similar to those that you already know and love. It's really amazing how there are so many good songs out there that "no one" (and by no one, I mean me) has heard of. It just goes to show how a good PR campaign can really influence everything. Just like obscure authors/books that linger by the wayside for years while other, perhaps less-deserving but well hyped, authors/books skyrocket to fame and notoriety. *cough* Is that you DaVinci Code? *cough*

Speaking of books (how about a ta-da! for that transition, eh?):

I finished the fourth and final "Bridge of D'Arnath" book last week. The Daughter of Ancients wrapped up the series quite nicely, but there are so many extraneous elements in Carol Berg's series that exist only to further a character and not to BE in their own right. I always feel funny applying the "Deus Ex Machina" tag to those books that actually employ magic/lords/gods in their plot devices, but you can have magic/lords/gods without contrivance, methinks. A 3.5 out of 5 for the overall series.

I started reading The China Garden by Liz Berry. It's the first book under about 600 pages or so that I've read in a while (and the first book that's not part of a 3-6 book series that I've read in a while). It's incredibly refreshing to have that "just one more chapter" mentality at night. Because it's a short book (Roughly 250-280 pages I think) I have the feeling of "I might actually be able to read this in one night" which is nice for a change. So far it's a rather light read...but that's maybe not a bad thing--for a change :)

I'm also in the mood for off-genre books as of late (I've been indulging in FAR too much Fantasy/Sci-Fi...and I think I'm becoming a geektrix) so if anyone has any really compelling recommendations feel free to share.
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