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*sigh* So Chloe won Project Runway last night. I have to say, I'm disappointed. I'm a Daniel fan, but it was more than that. I think the contestants were judged more on their previous performance than on their fashion collections. Chloe's collection looked like a bad 80's re-hash. Daniel's collection was, admittedly, rather boring....and I thought Santino's collection was simply beautiful (most of it anyway).

I didn't want Santino to win, but I thought he actually deserved to win based on his collection last night. However, 99% of his previous designs were fugly. I wanted Daniel to win, and he's been rock solid throughout the competition--but he kinda blew the last challenge of the show and he came out with a very sophisticated (yet boring) collection. Chloe. Hmm. I like Chloe. I think all of her other stuff throughout the competition had merit and was pretty solid. Her collection last night was HIDEOUS with the exception of a few select pieces. I mean, what girl would ever wear something that gathered a whole bunch of fabric around her belly and made her look about 30 pounds heavier than she was? If if doesn't flatter the model, it's definitely not going to flatter anyone else.

Enough of that.

I also watched Top Chef (?) after the finale of Project Runway. I have to say, it's EVIL to have a food-competition-show on at 10:00 when I'm hungry, but have decided not to eat anything else before bed. Evil. Pure. Evil.

Looks like a good show brain continues to melt. I really need to get back to my book :P


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