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I've just succumbed to potato-chip-bag syndrome. You know, when you can't get the bag open, so you tug a little harder. It still won't open, so you tug a little harder. Now you're getting frustrated, but instead of reaching for the scissors (oh no, that would be TOO easy--and you'd like that, wouldn't you hard-to-open bag?) you give it one final tug...

...and it bursts open, spilling its contents all over the place.

This is frustrating, to be sure, but potato chips are fairly innocuous. You either pick them up and throw them away or (if you're the braver sort) pick them up and chow down anyway.

However, when this happens with a packet of bright-red drink mix (Crystal Light single serving packs), it's infinitely more frustrating.

1. I don't get my raspberry flavored water, because it was my last freaking packet.
2. There are tiny red crystals all over everything and IN MY COMPUTER KEYBOARD, which I'm assuming cannot be terribly good for it.
3. The crystals are slightly sticky, and these things stain. Everything.

So I brush the stuff off my desk and go to wash my hands. All of a sudden, it looks like I have Crystal Light stigmata and my palms are dripping red. I, FOOLISHLY (but out of habit) wipe my hands on my favorite pair of jeans--causing red streaks on the thighs. So now I look like I've killed someone with incredibly bright blood.

I get back to my desk and proceed to work. Unfortunately there's no real way to wipe all these crystals up, so as I start working, my body heat sort of "melts" them onto my arms. Now it looks like I work in a butcher shop in earnest.

And this stuff doesn't wash off.

I can only imagine that I've unwittingly touched my face several times--leaving bloody red streaks and proclaiming me a likely cannibal.
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I shouldn't be allowed near a clothing closet. I should just have stuff put out for me. I'm a walking disaster today, and I didn't really realize it until I had been at work for a while.

From the bottom up: )
SO not a good look. I'm staying in my office today with the curtains closed.

Please, don't let me dress me again. I'm just not good at it.

Edit: Completely unprompted, my non-gay (but kinda metro) boss told me that my fabrics didn't look right together...and that I looked strange *sigh*


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