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This weekend wasn't somuch about books as is usually the case (hey, for once D was the one that picked out all the books...and I found nada).

I did get most of the way through reading The Soul Weaver (Carol Berg, 3rd in the "Bridge of D'Arnath series). I have to say, it took me three freaking books to warm up to the story, but now I have both the desire to keep on reading, and the desire to pick the book back up when I have to stop. In retrospect, were the library not closed I would have checked the books out instead of buying them (paperbacks though they were) and would not have made the decision to purchase them after I had read them.

Dang, I REALLY miss having the library 10 floors below me. Granted, the new, improved more "awesomriffic" library (I swear it's in the advertising) opens in May...on the 20th....I'm going to the opening party...shuddup...I know....

This weekend was, however, a rare and treasured movie weekend.

The Brothers Grimm
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Dark Water
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Shrek 2
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And that's that.
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This weekend I watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" for the first time since seeing it in theaters (really, with my guy, we HAD to see it in the theater).


While I agree that the movies are generally getting *better* as the series progresses (as are the books), the fourth installment lacked a sense of imagination. The first two movies were basically scene-by-scene snapshots of the book (which was unimaginative, but worked), the third movie was very creatively done but wasn't an accurate portrayal of the book (which also worked). This movie is neither a snapshot of the book (which would have pushed the movie to 5 hours, I'm sure) nor was it particularly creative. I'm not a picky critic--I liked it--but I think I'm over it.

That, and Hermione was just about the most annoying creature EVER in this particular flick. I understand that the characters are aging and are supposed to be getting progressively more angst-ridden. However, Emma Watson decided to play Hermione always on the verge of hysterics. Breathless dismay and shouting prevailed--and got old quickly.

Derrick will probably watch it 67 more times...this year.

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Ahh, to wake up to 8 inches of freshly fallen snow is a rare treat in March. Scratch that, it's pretty much EXPECTED in March. Kinda like mother nature giving you one last kick in the pants before letting the crocuses come up.

It really was rather beautiful. I didn't even somuch mind that I had a 3 hour commute (normally a 20 minute commute) or that my route could only be explained in diagrams, clicks and whistles (uhh...3 bus--yes, bus--pileup on a 4 lane highway...the lords of chaos rejoice, "What fun!"). By the end of the day St. Paul got about 10-12 inches of wet, heavily compacted snow. The kind that comes down in clumps instead of flakes and sticks on EVERYTHING (only to fall off in sheets and hit small children on the head later).

I have reaffirmed that there is absolutely no greater joy in life than coming inside after being out in the snow. There is no greater warmth or comfort than walking through the door, soaking wet, into a warm kitchen and being able to immediately strip off all clothing and hang it on a warm radiator. It's the same principle as, "Those who are denied no pleasure never truly experience pleasure." I was outside shoveling (in what the locals call "heart-attack snow"). Certain parts of my body always get cold (i.e. the toes, the fingers and the butt--don't ask me why my butt ALWAYS gets cold) and certain parts are too warm and sweaty (for indeed, shoveling snow really is difficult work). But there's nothing like seeing the physical accomplishment of a sidewalk shoveled--the pristine blanket of snow undisturbed save for your path. There's nothing like that first step in the door, feeling accomplished, rosy-cheeked, drippy and so totally alive that you want to breath more deeply just to savor the experience. Ah well, perhaps it's just a cold climate thing.

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*sigh* So Chloe won Project Runway last night. I have to say, I'm disappointed. I'm a Daniel fan, but it was more than that. I think the contestants were judged more on their previous performance than on their fashion collections. Chloe's collection looked like a bad 80's re-hash. Daniel's collection was, admittedly, rather boring....and I thought Santino's collection was simply beautiful (most of it anyway).

I didn't want Santino to win, but I thought he actually deserved to win based on his collection last night. However, 99% of his previous designs were fugly. I wanted Daniel to win, and he's been rock solid throughout the competition--but he kinda blew the last challenge of the show and he came out with a very sophisticated (yet boring) collection. Chloe. Hmm. I like Chloe. I think all of her other stuff throughout the competition had merit and was pretty solid. Her collection last night was HIDEOUS with the exception of a few select pieces. I mean, what girl would ever wear something that gathered a whole bunch of fabric around her belly and made her look about 30 pounds heavier than she was? If if doesn't flatter the model, it's definitely not going to flatter anyone else.

Enough of that.

I also watched Top Chef (?) after the finale of Project Runway. I have to say, it's EVIL to have a food-competition-show on at 10:00 when I'm hungry, but have decided not to eat anything else before bed. Evil. Pure. Evil.

Looks like a good show brain continues to melt. I really need to get back to my book :P
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Last Friday, my boss and I went down to the little skyway coffee shop to get some java. The following is an actual conversation:

Me: So what are you going to do this weekend?
Boss: I dunno, maybe I'll go see a movie.
Me: Really, which one?
Boss: I'm not sure, but I'm NOT going to see Brokeback Mountain.
Me: Why not, I heard it was really good. I want to go see it.
Boss: Well, I'm not know...there are guys....
Coffee dude: It has girls in it too you know--mostly unclothed.
Boss: *perks up* Really?
Coffee dude: Yeah..
Me: You've seen it? Is it good?
Coffee dude: Yeah, I saw it.
Boss: Was it good?
Coffee dude: *considers for a long moment* Well, it was kinda gay. *shrugs*
Me: *giggles uncontrollably*
Coffee dude: Well, I mean...there are girls in it too. It's good, but dude, it's kinda gay.

It amused me. Maybe you had to be there :)

Also on Friday, I'm filing this under the MOST Minnesota-Passive-Aggressive way to let someone know their head's on the chopping block:

We got a new fancy-schmancy logo, and so my boss ordered business cards for everyone--I mean everyone--even me! Well, the business cards get here, and this particularly inept woman happens to get nosy when Boss-man is sorting through them and hanging over his shoulder and such. After a few minutes of trying to help "hand out" the new business cards, she looks at Boss-man and asks, "Hey, where are my business cards?"

Boss-man just stammers. He didn't get her any b/c he didn't want to waste the $100 on someone that was going to be fired in a few weeks. *gulp* This should make life around her just that much more interesting. . .

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