Baby Butt

Dec. 25th, 2014 10:58 am
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I'm scanning the other side of my family's pictures now.

This has to be one of my favorites ever.

My Grandma June when she was tiny on the farm:

Baby butt!
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For those not on Facebook, I posted a bunch of our professional wedding pics:

There are only 26 out of 649 up so far, mostly because I'm not done editing them to remove things (big dark under-eye circles from most of the wedding party--gee, wonder why--little blemishes, crazy hair out of place, etc.). I still question whether it's *right* to photoshop things--but I suppose we all have a *right* to look fabulous in wedding pictures...even if they end up being a not-so-accurate representation of self after a bit (yeah, I pretty much always have dark under-eye circles these days...what happened to my youth?).

There's also a very *special* one of my husband looking down my wedding dress. That pretty much explains everything about our marriage right there--harassing each other for fun and profit.

And Easter pictures:

Which heavily features my adorable niece, but also some rockin' 50's decor from my Grandparents' house.
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We bought ourselves a new Nikon Digital SLR camera as a sort of wedding/Christmas present to ourselves. After not taking any pictures (at all) in well over 5 years, I forgot how fun it is to have pictures of things. It's even more novel to have INSTANT pictures of things. So what was our first subject? Why ourselves and our cats, of course.

Here Be Pictures )
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A few pics of me working. These are on a camera phone, but they turned out fairly decent.
WHY am I posting pics of myself? )
Yeah, I don't know WHAT exactly possesses me to post pictures of myself--it seems kind of. . . weird. But anyway, I want to share a working pictorial of some sort, and I just happen to not control the cameras of the world.


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