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I'm the best wife ever.

Why am I the best wife ever? Because I arranged to have beer sent to my husband's work for Valentine's day.

My wife-coolness points are definitely on the upswing.
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Derrick's gone for the weekend--which is both nice, and also lonely-ish. I like going into his spaces when he's gone--like his closet--not to look around, but to just experience a place that I don't usually pay attention to.

It then occurred to me that it's probably strange that the husband has 2 closets to the wife's 1, but to be fair, he's more fashionable than I.

I decided to clean the house. My neat-freak husband would be proud--he didn't even have to do the Nazi "Keep things Clean" dance to get me to do this thing. (Reference: Martha Stewart on Late Night with Conan O'Brien maybe 4-5 years ago.) Then I lost motivation after all the trash was piled (the boxes) and in bags (the loose trash). So now there are mounds of stuff just sitting around and I don't feel like taking them out. I'm amazed how much trash a wedding generates. Yet another argument for eloping.

On the plus side, I also opted to do organizing-type cleaning (which I LOVE to do). This means all my books are neatly shelved, and my iPod has the right songs in the right categories--and three new CDs of music on it.

Speaking of, Tom Waits' new album, "Orphans" is simply fab. Whenever I actually BUY music (which I don't do often) I'm always afraid that I'll be disappointed...that it won't be as good as I remember or--more likely--the track I bought it for is the only good one on the entire album. I bought this having never heard any of the songs (save "Little Drop of Poison" off of the Shrek II soundtrack), so it was a huge gamble for me. I know that I love almost everything that I've ever heard from Tom Waits, and what I don't love ("Ice Cream Man" BLAH!) is few and far between.

My gamble paid off. It's weird and raw and gravely and wonderful--just like Tow Waits always is.
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If every weekend could be like this one, I would be a happy girl. I feel a small amount of guilt at not taking advantage of the free time to improve and plant my garden, but only a small amount.

Derrick had a bachelor party on Saturday. So we went "thrift-storing" early in the day, picked up a few books, then went home so he could "purdy himself up." I gave the rules for his bachelor party conduct:

1. Be safe
2. Be smart

(Which included "Please don't get arrested," "Please, no trips to the hospital," "No on drives drunk," and "Call me if anyone needs help for any reason.") He was fully (fully!) intent on being plastered and naughty, which was totally fine with me as long as no one got seriously injured. He gave me a kiss and was on his way saying, "Call me if you need anything, or if you get bored."

Weekend Details )
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D and I were sitting and watching the last 3 innings of the Twins/Jays game (Twins were ahead 8-3 at this point). Derrick had been watching some homicide investigation show, and I exerted my Power of Remote and vetoed his program. At this point, the Twins are up, there are men on 2nd and 3rd, one out. Joe Mauer is about to get a walk to load the bases (but we don't know that yet, do we?).

Derrick whines: "Hey, I was watching that other show you know...and we ARE up 8-3, what's the point?"

[Joe Mauer gets a walk to load the bases]

Me: "Well, you wouldn't want to miss the first grand slam of the Twins' season, now, would you?"
D: *rolls his eyes* "No, I guess not."

[Tori Hunter steps up to the plate and promptly hits the ball...hard...and drops his bat casually]

Me: "That's outta here."
D: "Looks like a high pop-up to me."
Announcers (Dick and Burt): "And that's outta here!"

[Grand slam dancing and butt-slapping ensues]

Me (smug-as-hell): "See, I TOLD you you didn't want to miss the first grand slam of the season."

Other interesting conversations with D:

The gem of D's Tuesday:

D:"One of my clients that was supposed to meet with me today died today."

Me: "No? Really? What were you going to meet with them about?"

D:"Estate Planning"

Me: "Well, I guess that opportunity has passed, eh?"

Might have been weirder if it had been Life Insurance, but I think this qualifies as irony on some level anyway.
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I opened up my search history in my music downloading program/file sharing program *ehhem* to re-search artists to get new hits/songs (yeah, I know, bad musicians, buy CDs and all that jazz...). Anyway. Apparently [ profile] damm_im_good had been searching for audio books before me. You have to understand, I tease him relentlessly about being "i-potter-ate" (versus illiterate) meaning that he is a Harry Potter NUTJOB. When I'm gone on a business trip, he reads Harry Potter (he's probably read the series 10 times through, at least). He'll finish the 6 book sequence and then start right back up again. He'll do this with the Harry Potter movies as well. If he reads a different book, and I ask him how he liked it, he'll usually respond with something like, "Well, it wasn't as good as Harry Potter," or "It was almost as good as Harry Potter." I'm not saying that Harry Potter isn't great. I like Harry Potter. I'm not saying that it isn't worth reading over and over, it is.... But here's the result of looking into my search history:

Half Blood Prince
Halfblood Prince
Harry Potter
Audio Book

And that's it. He's friggin addicted. Ipotterate.

Oh, I forgot to do a weekend book update last weekend, and I got lotsa books. . . I also got a few more tonight whilst shopping with [ profile] llythefaerye. We're doing the Thrift Store thing tomorrow, so there may be more, and I'll update a huge list later this weekend.

By the way, just so I can get more people into trouble (like I don't do enough of that already) Half Price Books ( is having a 20% off everything sale through Sunday. Except if you live in Indiana. If you live in Indiana, pay full price suckah!


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