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Since our Big Kitty died, we've been stopping by the Humane Society about every weekend looking for a new little bit of our hearts and family. I'm beginning to really hate it.

Oh the humanity )

And the weekend book update:

Adventures in thrift storing )

I also discovered that Full Metal Jacket is about the best movie to watch while running on the treadmill. Ever.

I'm feeling particularly boring tonight, so it's all under cuts. Enter at thine own peril.
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Last Friday, my boss and I went down to the little skyway coffee shop to get some java. The following is an actual conversation:

Me: So what are you going to do this weekend?
Boss: I dunno, maybe I'll go see a movie.
Me: Really, which one?
Boss: I'm not sure, but I'm NOT going to see Brokeback Mountain.
Me: Why not, I heard it was really good. I want to go see it.
Boss: Well, I'm not know...there are guys....
Coffee dude: It has girls in it too you know--mostly unclothed.
Boss: *perks up* Really?
Coffee dude: Yeah..
Me: You've seen it? Is it good?
Coffee dude: Yeah, I saw it.
Boss: Was it good?
Coffee dude: *considers for a long moment* Well, it was kinda gay. *shrugs*
Me: *giggles uncontrollably*
Coffee dude: Well, I mean...there are girls in it too. It's good, but dude, it's kinda gay.

It amused me. Maybe you had to be there :)

Also on Friday, I'm filing this under the MOST Minnesota-Passive-Aggressive way to let someone know their head's on the chopping block:

We got a new fancy-schmancy logo, and so my boss ordered business cards for everyone--I mean everyone--even me! Well, the business cards get here, and this particularly inept woman happens to get nosy when Boss-man is sorting through them and hanging over his shoulder and such. After a few minutes of trying to help "hand out" the new business cards, she looks at Boss-man and asks, "Hey, where are my business cards?"

Boss-man just stammers. He didn't get her any b/c he didn't want to waste the $100 on someone that was going to be fired in a few weeks. *gulp* This should make life around her just that much more interesting. . .

And finally... Weekend Reading Update )
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From the American Book Review...

100 Best Opening Lines in Novels )

Maybe that list is something that only I get really geeked about, but ah well. I'm partial to #5 and #6 myself, though there are many others that I like. . .

Speaking of books, I got 5 books for $6.41 today at the thrift store. *Yay!* They are:
"Gathering Blue"--Lois Lowry (author of "The Giver")
"The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove" --Christopher Moore (in Hardcover...*excited squeal*)
"Sword of Shannara"--Terry Brooks (I dunno, I heard at least the start of the series is phenomenal...and it's a hardcover first edition...)
"Reaper Man"--Terry Pratchett (Also a hardcover first edition *more squealing*)
"The Ragwitch"--Garth Nix (Dunno, Derrick handed it to was only $0.69)

So I started reading Terry Pratchett's "Discword" Series, beginning with "The Color of Magic"--I know, they don't have to be read in order but I'm just that way...I can't read a book unless I've read its predecessor....I just can't do it *twitch*. I have to say, I'm only moderately engaged at this point...but my interest seems to be steadily peaking. Books are often that way for me, the beginning will fail to capture my attention (especially if I've just finished reading another particularly gripping or involved book/series). I'm not worried in the least.

Saw my niece today, that always puts me in a good mood. She hangs the moon for me (and, really, the rest of the family too). Every child should be so wanted/loved.

My stalking continues for real...ran into a familiar face at MOA today. I always feel like a dork when I run into people I sorta-kinda know. I get all tongue tied and feel like I should have said more, or not acted like such a complete goober. Ah well, I guess the true dork in me has to shine through sometimes.


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