Sep. 9th, 2015 01:11 pm
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Lithuanian is a dying language. Most Lithuanians speak Russian. The younger generation is quite fluent in English, generally.

Online translation is very happy to support the death. It does an uncommonly bad job of translating Lithuanian. Which is fine, unless you're trying to figure out your friends' facebook statuses and you don't want to continually badger them to translate for you.

For instance:

Klausi savęs ar jau sensti? Atsakymas: jei 23 metų kolegos paprašai kreiptis "tu" ir jis, vieną kartą pabandęs, pasako "oi nu ne, neišeina, jūs stipriai vyresnė". Šūdžius.

Issues of self or sensti? Answer: If the 23-year old fellow paprašai go, "you" and he, once pabandęs, tells "Oh nu not go, you strongly age". Šūdžius.

Absolutely no idea. That's one of the statuses with MORE words translated accurately.

I suppose I could learn more Lithuanian. At present I can say: [a drinking toast], "maybe beer?", a little, a lot, sausage, [several snack food items], vodka, water, and a few other things (probably please and thank you and such, if pressed to remember them). You can tell what the focus was while traveling back in ought-nine.

But then again, what am I ever going to do with Lithuanian? My connection is tenuous at best. Maybe I'll visit again some day, but there are other places I'd want to visit first. Duolingo isn't offering it (not that I've been keeping up with the other stuff on Duolingo anyway).
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Today is apparently the day for commas and hyphens in emails. For three different products:

1. Your Money, Namby-Pambyish
2. Your Cash, Pale-Livered
3. Better Life, Well-Cushioned

They are for, respectively:

A. Sony VIAOs (?!)
B. Cialis (Better lovemaking! Oh my!)
C. Mortgages

Because they all sound like they could be for the SAME kind of investment-related product. Except that when they actually want you to buy a product, they call you "namby-pamby" and "pale-livered". Come to think of it, calling someone well-cushioned is kind of insulting too.


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