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I was playing around with the camera and took a few kitty pics. For those interested (I'm guessing a relative few, but I've got to be a proud kitty-mommy sometimes) they're behind the cut.

Kitty Pics )
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New things that the cats have decided it's FUN to eat:

1. The little plastic tops that we cut off Flav-R-Ices.
2. My rubber hair ties
3. Rubber bands
4. Pea pod ends (Seriously kitty? You'll eat peas and I can't even get my fiance to be in the same ROOM as me if I'm eating them?)
5. Little brown ants (Which were probably attracted by the ends of said Flav-R-Ices.)

Not just nibble. Not just chew, but actually eat. Their latest thing is gobbling up the little brown ants (the tiny, non-bitey ones) by the mouthful. Seriously. Yech. They GORGE on the ants.

Warning, kitty grossness ahead )

Okay. That was strange...and kinda gross (hence the cut)--but I'm in total scripting mode since I'm working tonight. Sometimes you just need to let the weirdness seep through.

Oh! Las Vegas: August 18-24. LONG show. *gag*

Zis means I must get ze summer dress clothes for work.
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I'm crowning myself. . . Princess of Geek. I've been watching vintage Star Trek episodes each night for about a week now.

You know how some things get worse as you get older? You look back at shows you thought were tres' cool as a child (Full House for the 80's girl) and they don't stand the passage of time into adulthood. Things that were SO complex become cheesy, etc....

Star Trek is NOT one of those shows. I'm totally geeking out about the sheer awesomeness, the extreme kitch, yes, even the undeniable hotness that is Star Trek (and William Shatner). Best quote so far:

"You see Charlie, there's no right way to hit a woman." --Captain Kirk

Other things:
--Sister is in town and staying with us. It's nice to have her back

--Emily (3 year old niece) calls the elevator the "ev-alligator"

--You know you go to the library too much when:
You go into the new library for the first time and two staff members run up to you and give you hugs and say things like, "We were WONDERING when you were going to stop by!" Seriously. Reading is a sickness/addiction of mine, but not one I am in any hurry to cure.

--Cat keeps licking mean, REALLY licking himself. In places that Marilyn Manson was rumored to be able to lick himself. I'm all for kitty masturbation and all, but animals have NO sense of modesty.

--The other kitten has discovered that he doesn't somuch like treadmills. Or at least, he doesn't like being on the treadmill when it turns ON.

And that's that.
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Okay, major meltdown diverted (notice: not averted) until another day. Maybe. I always feel utterly ridiculous whenever I end up crying (I really don't do it terribly often just in general--and the most common cause is pure frustration...hmm...somehow my frustration chemicals are wired to leak directly from my eye sockets).

So, to summarize--what I learned yesterday:
1. Do not cry in front of the boss. Well, not the one that you don't like, anyway.
2. Do not tell said boss that you don't trust him and that generally he doesn't know what he's talking about. This does not make things better.
3. Likewise, do not tell said boss that he is "micromanaging" just because you know that word is a particular hot button of his. (Even though, really, micromanaging is an UNDERSTATEMENT when it comes to his management style.)
4. Having multiple additional duties and multiple new, huge responsibilities does not mean you're ever going to get that promised raise (1 1/2 years and counting now...)

Oh, I'm working tonight too. Blah.

And Now, the Kitty Bloggin' )

And now there's a...a...a...script due tomorrow.
*Feigned Panicked Fainting Gestures*
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Overheard this morning in the office (although DEFINITELY not said to me):

"You're far too perky this morning. I'll have to steal your essence and then kill you...or is it kill you, then steal your essence? I forget."

Did you know that cats are carriers of the dreaded Pink Eye?

Well, they are. Now you know... and knowing is, indeed, half the battle. The rest of the battle includes me with a bottle of belladonna extract (did you know that they use Belladonna to get rid of pink eye? Well now you know...and knowing is.....never mind) and some impossibly geeky glasses that I just can't get to look right on my face no matter HOW I manipulate my hair to counteract the geek-essence.

Kitty Update )

Argh, so many other things this weekend. Maybe more blogging later.
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And 4 more )

Puck! Our new little kitten. He's Puck after Kirby Puckett, and also, of course, Puck from Midsummer Night's Dream. The pictures don't really give a sense of his size, but he fits inside my 6.5 shoe. So far Smokey (our other cat) won't get within 10 feet of the new little intruder, and hisses when the oblivious little kitten tries to "play."

Smokey also hid under the stove for hours today, until he was sure the threat was somewhat neutralized. What a big baby.
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Working. Late. From home. Again.

No overtime, no comp days, no leaving early.

I'm starting to get really, really tired.

And my cat has decided that my hair and/or head is REALLY tasty. He just "snuck" up beside me, took a few exploratory licks and then made with the full-on head chomping. Maybe he's trying to eat my brains. Poor kitty's gonna starve if I keep this work-from-home-for-free crap up.


Editor's note: My script from last night...totally wrong. Just like I kind of suspected it would be. Sheesh. But it WAS the good kind of wrong (too long) as opposed to the BAD kind of wrong (inaccurate, too short, not funny). Okay, so it was kind of not funny. That's okay, it's just an animated trade show interaction, right?
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Happy St. Patty's day if'n you celebrate. I'm a healthy mutt mix of Swedish, English, and the standard Western-European hot-dish special. I don't have a drop of Irish or Catholic in me... so I don't feel any particular affinity for the holiday. I'm a non-drinker, and the bar scene really isn't my bag (I don't hear so well under normal circumstances, so bars really don't do it for me). D is out wreaking havoc on St. Paul, claiming his Danish-Catholic right to pretend to be Irish (and watching the MN hockey game--his friend had ONE extra ticket, and despite my very sound argument that the one with the best boobs should get to go, I was voted out in favor of testosterone. *shakes head* Men.).

So I'm here in adult-sized footie pajamas rambling away and enjoying the heck out of an evening alone. Yes, they do make footie pajamas for adults, and they're glorious save for the fact that you have to almost completely remove the entire contraption to go to the bathroom.

Li'l cat bloggin' )
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Since our Big Kitty died, we've been stopping by the Humane Society about every weekend looking for a new little bit of our hearts and family. I'm beginning to really hate it.

Oh the humanity )

And the weekend book update:

Adventures in thrift storing )

I also discovered that Full Metal Jacket is about the best movie to watch while running on the treadmill. Ever.

I'm feeling particularly boring tonight, so it's all under cuts. Enter at thine own peril.
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Derrick picked me up at the airport last night with tears in his eyes. He said to me, "I don't know how to tell you this, so I'll just say it--Karenin is dead."

Karenin is our 3 year old cat. Apparently he choked on a hairball in the night, tried to make it up the stairs to Derrick, but couldn't get there.

It's just a cat. Logically I know this. I grew up on a farm for godssakes, cats die all the time. . . animals die all the time.

But this is different. I'm not crazy-sad with grief, but I'm just....yeah. It feels like a little piece of our lives was taken away.

We aren't crazy cat people, we only have (had) two--but they are (were) our "kids." We don't wear them as accessories, or spoil them excessively, or treat them like people--but they're our little family.

Our other cat (alias: Stupid, Little kitty, The Grey one, and Smokey) was found laying beside Karenin and trying to "wake him up." He yowled at Derrick until he took the body away--and now he keeps repeatedly going back to the spots where Karenin (Alias: Big kitty) used to lay, looking for him.

SO, we're going to try to bury the body out at my parents' place--if anyone has any good ideas for digging in frozen ground, let me know.


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