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I think this crib looks like futuristic baby-jail:

Which is hilarious. (And kind of ugly.)

This is the pod where we harvest our infants!

I would never spend that much on a crib. Ever. Ever. EVER.
1. It's a crib. Not a used car.
2. Kids are rough on cribs.
3. Do you know how many cheap, new cribs there are on craigslist with the description, "My baby hated the crib and never slept here..."? TONS.
4. That's just super-ridiculous.

Home decor

Dec. 31st, 2014 02:35 pm
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I don't know if it's nesting or what, but I've reached "critical mass" overload on a few hated home decor pieces. They must go. I can't look at them any longer.

First, the awful lamp:

Which is so hideous that I feel self-conscious about it whenever we have guests. IT DOES NOT REFLECT MY TASTES, okay? It was free with the basement couches as a "set" and we couldn't pick any different lamp. It is functional so we've been using it.

Second, the clock in the bathroom. It's one of those cheap plastic Target clocks that just sort of sits on the window ledge and has a few melted spots on the face where I accidentally hit it with wood stripper... The last time I used wood stripper was, oh, maybe 2005. The hideous stenciled border on the wood trim in the bathroom was one of the first things to go.

So I've been looking for cool replacements. This is hard, because good lamps are difficult to find (and almost no decor stores have anything besides the basic clocks). I've been obsessively browsing and there's a lot of stuff there. I've already struck out at IKEA, Cost Plus World Market, Pier 1 Imports, Target...

It's a process. Something will come along that strikes my fancy and then I will NEVER LOOK AT THAT LAMP AGAIN.

ETA: I kind of like this lamp? I'm not sure.


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