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Macintosh PowerBook, you pissy, pissy bitch.

This morning I managed to burn my palm on my Mac. Not just get my palm really hot, but honest-to-goodness produce-a-blister burn.

I have to admit, I dig my Mac. I'm not so sure that I feel like it's an extension of myself (that would be the prime prospect marketing target right there), but I do like it. It's sexy and neat and it does the stuff I need it to do. It also freezes its keyboard at random, but hey, we all have our quirks.

The one thing I HATE about my Mac is that it is, essentially, NOT a LAPtop. No, it doesn't claim to be a laptop, it claims to be a PowerBook. However, I'm one of those weird individuals who actually prefers having her portable computer on her lap. Unfortunately, my Mac runs hot. Very hot. Hot enough to burn.

So hot, that if my ovaries were in my lap, I would be rendered sterile. (Keep that in mind, all you boys using your Macs on your laps and frying yourselves and your junk out of admission into the gene pool.)

So considering that I like my laptop on my lap, what can I do to minimize burning potential? To be fair, the part that burnt my palm was my power cord--3 minutes AFTER I had unplugged it (on an amusing note, the plastic around the metal plug in has started to melt slightly).

This entry warranted me creating a Mac icon. This is the exact sticker that I had on the side of my little orange plastic wagon when I was a kid. I thought it was pretty because...rainbow!
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I'm crowning myself. . . Princess of Geek. I've been watching vintage Star Trek episodes each night for about a week now.

You know how some things get worse as you get older? You look back at shows you thought were tres' cool as a child (Full House for the 80's girl) and they don't stand the passage of time into adulthood. Things that were SO complex become cheesy, etc....

Star Trek is NOT one of those shows. I'm totally geeking out about the sheer awesomeness, the extreme kitch, yes, even the undeniable hotness that is Star Trek (and William Shatner). Best quote so far:

"You see Charlie, there's no right way to hit a woman." --Captain Kirk

Other things:
--Sister is in town and staying with us. It's nice to have her back

--Emily (3 year old niece) calls the elevator the "ev-alligator"

--You know you go to the library too much when:
You go into the new library for the first time and two staff members run up to you and give you hugs and say things like, "We were WONDERING when you were going to stop by!" Seriously. Reading is a sickness/addiction of mine, but not one I am in any hurry to cure.

--Cat keeps licking mean, REALLY licking himself. In places that Marilyn Manson was rumored to be able to lick himself. I'm all for kitty masturbation and all, but animals have NO sense of modesty.

--The other kitten has discovered that he doesn't somuch like treadmills. Or at least, he doesn't like being on the treadmill when it turns ON.

And that's that.
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I came into work this morning to find the definite droppings of a geek on my desk. What are geek droppings, you ask?

Well, I found this:

and this:

AND this:

on my desk.

Indicating, surely, that a geek had been there in my absence.

Which reminded me of my path of self discovery last Thursday night. When I'm out drinking with co-workers, I do not get loud, I do not embarrass myself, I don't even get drunk. I do, however, start talking about Star Trek with my equally geeky co-worker, prompting him to loan me every bit of unseen-by-me Star Trek/William Shatner media that he possesses (which is a lot, since he actually HAS been to a few Trekkie costume, no less).

Hey, I can't argue the pure awesomeness and charm of William Shatner. The fact that he's from Canada just ups his cool factor by about 1000. Because, you know, it's Canada--so like the familiar Minnesota, yet so exotic with its metric system.
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Okay, so the "Which Star Trek Character are You" quiz got me thinking about Star Trek again . . .and then this mysteriously shows up:

*geeked out squeal*

Okay, I lurve me some Star the days before Tivo *mysterious echo* I used to take blank tapes and record Star Trek TNG every night before my bedtime. I still have the 10-15 tapes I used.

Ahh, the good ole' days. I never got into any Star Trek but the "Original" and TNG though, I just couldn'a do it Captain. (Okay, sorry about that, I'll brace for wedgie.)


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