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1. My head feels 'splody. I had something to write for this number...and it was really important. And I needed to share it. I think it got pushed out to make room for the massive brain tumor that is roosting in my head right now. (Okay Drama Queen, I can stop exaggerating now...but it does really hurt quite badly.)

Damn. I had a feeling that what I was going to say was all bitchy and disgruntled too.

Hey, I remember now. I was going to say that the next person that tells me I should "ELOPE" is getting a good swift kick in the groin. Alternately, a punch in the face (not a sissy little girl slap, a full on punch) can be substituted at the opponent's discretion. Look, you're NOT the first person to think of this idea. Telling me I should "ELOPE" and then giggling madly when you've already had your big fancy wedding is NOT original. Nor is it particularly cute or helpful. Not at all. If I wanted to ELOPE I wouldn't be frantically planning a wedding. I'm not the type of person to waffle over such things k? K.

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The worst injury to befall us during last weekend's brush-hauling party:

I love how he's "showing off" his li'l scratch (it didn't even BLEED people). Such a boy.
(Picture taken by [ profile] llythefaerye)

ANNOUNCEMENT: My big sister ([ profile] pointedthings) is coming home for the summer! The only catch: she has to find someone to sublet her fabulous apartment in Syracuse, NY. Shouldn't be a problem, right? So if anyone knows of anyone that wants to visit Syracuse for the summer and stay in their very own cheap, nice apartment (it's in a house converted to apartments, so not your usual apartment-box fare) pass on the info. My ulterior motive: if my sister is in MN for the summer she's available to do things like help plan my wedding, try on bridesmaid dresses, etc. It's selfish--but whatever, I'm still glad to have her back.

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