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Creme Brulee has been made, Christmas trees have been put up and decorated, and walks have been taken.

I'm very proud of myself for caramelizing the sugar to cracking perfection with only one minor sugar fire. So what if it's technically from a mix? Cappuccino creme brulee is YUMMY.

The Christmas tree was technically put up the day after Thanksgiving. Yes, I am a Christmas nut. No, I won't let anyone help me with the actual setting-up of the tree. Yes, I'm a control freak with the lights and the "fluffing" of the artificial branches. I can't help it. I worked at a store that sold Christmas trees for four years--and each of those years I put up and decorated 100+ Christmas trees (to be fair, some were put up and taken down multiple times since the stock boys were often too stoned to see that there WAS something other than a floor model in the back room).

My Christmas tree must be artificial. Not only are they more durable and less likely to shed, but with the amount of lights I put on them, they're far less likely to start on fire. It's not Christmas unless the tree can be seen from space.

I'm serious, we can't take pictures of the tree--really all we get is a glowing ball--Becky calls it "blindingly beautiful." Retinas be damned, it's Christmas.

Despite my best efforts to be a lazy slob, I also ended up walking around the lake (~5.25 miles). For a November day in Minnesota, it sure was lovely.

I'm SO not ready to go back to work again on Monday.


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