Jan. 4th, 2015 08:37 pm
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D got me Star Trek pajamas. They're "unisex" small, so rather large. This makes them fit over the 37w belly, but it also means the fit is rather odd.

And it's like that one episode of ST:TNG when Counselor Troi was impregnated by the alien spark. (Which, whoa, talk about body violation...and everyone is just...totally okay with it.)



Dec. 26th, 2014 06:07 am
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I've had people condescendingly laugh and tell me, "Oh, I've got to write this down now...you'll see!" when I speculate that I'll probably get more sleep with a new infant than I do now. (When THEY ask about how I'm doing/sleeping.)

But I'm not quite sure how many fewer than two or three hours total per night they think I'm supposed to get.

It's 5am now 6 am and I've been up for an hour two hours because I made the mistake of going to bed before 3.

FML. Not looking forward to being at the in-laws' for the next two nights.
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My boss came in while I was surreptitiously putting a bit of lotion on my belly (itchy skin because winter).

Me: Oh. Thanks.
Him (realizing that he's venturing into dangerous territory): No, I mean you're not as big as you should be for how much you've been eating.
Me: And *how* much have I been eating?
Him: Um. So. [Slowly backs out of my office.]


Dec. 18th, 2014 08:48 pm
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Me: What do we want to eat tonight?
Fetus: Grapefruit?
Me: No, we can't just eat grapefruit.
Fetus: Grapefruit juice?
Me: That's grapefruit.
Fetus: Canned grapefruit?
Me: How about some pasta? Or some protein?
Fetus: Are those grapefruit?
Me: No.
Fetus: Then no.
Me: How about some veggies?
Fetus: I know...grapefruit soda!
Me: That's still grapefruit.
Fetus: ...so...grapefruit then?
Me: Fine.


Dec. 13th, 2014 07:29 pm
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Holy crap, dudes. Today I kept walking into rooms and forgetting why I had gone in there. Or forgetting what I was going to do next in general. And forgetting which word I wanted to use (tip-of-the-tongue stuff). And forgetting to eat.

I'm unsure if this is because of:
1. A lack of sleep (very possible)
2. An unusually long and complex to-do list with many things that required many steps
3. The fabled "pregnancy brain" (which I haven't really noticed so far in any independent instances not correlated with being very tired)

Or a combination of all three. I'm guessing since I also kept transposing numbers that it's most likely a lack of sleep. Those kinds of sloppy little brain mistakes creep up on me when I'm ultra-tired.

But I got lots of stuff done:
1. Quotes from piano tuners
2. Spreadsheets for baby names (regressions!) and announcements
3. Fixed my external storage drive
4. Photo transfer stuff/backups executed
5. Dad picked up about 1/4 of the photos I had scanned
6. Emails to relatives planning out holiday gatherings
7. Wedding gift shopping
8. Babystuff consolidated into one place
9. Trader Joe's for party snack
10. Paid bills
11. Sorted and shredded junk mail/credit card and bill stuff
12. Breached the pillow fort to visit D in the morning
13. Edited and returned a proposal
14. Scheduled out time off and holiday dates with work
15. Wrote out like 5 thank-you notes

I should have taken a nap, too. No time, no time!
Now party. So shower. And dressing up.


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