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How psyched am I that the Twins' very own Justin Morneau was awarded American League MVP status? VERY!

He's been my fave ever since he started playing for the Twins because:
1. He's darn good, even through slumps.
2. He's darn cute--the curly blonde hair is just a-dor-a-ble.
3. He's darn Canadian, and I dig that.

He's on "the list". You know, the totally unrealistic list of people I can "cheat" on Derrick with without any questions asked. Not that that would ever happen, but if it does I'm pre-forgiven. Here's hoping.

I also love that Johan Santana (my favorite pitcher) was given the Cy Young award.

The Twins seriously rock the house (despite some major end-of-the-season playoff pain).
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Driving into downtown Mpls (a tad late, but I had a dentist appointment--yay for non-chipped teeth) was a tad challenging. It seems my chosen route of Washington Ave. was not a smart one. It does, however, do my baseball-loving heart good to see the whole city bespeckled with Twins gear. Anyone in our office who has Twins gear whipped it out in grand fashion today. I'm also a sucker--to all the businesses who hung out "Go Twins!", or "TCF [or other company] would like to congratulate our Twins", etc., signs--your ploy is working. I now think you're a nice, hometown, Twins-loving business. Am I more likely to buy from you now? Probably.

Anyway, despite my seemingly irrational bad mood yesterday, a fair number of things did happen to go wrong. My brakes went out, for instance. I forgot to send the client an important document, for another instance. Hopefully, today will be better. The Twins will win, and all will be right with the world.

Edit: Boo, the Twins lost 3-2, and my brakes are still broken

Go Twins!

Oct. 1st, 2006 11:22 am
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The Twins MUST win today. Detroit MUST lose.

C'mon people, there's a bridal shower and a birthday party riding on this, so get out your homer hankies and your rally caps.

You see, Derrick's ma has tickets to the Twins playoff games. If they're just in the wildcard spot (as they are now) they play Friday and Saturday, canceling an out-of-town bridal shower (which I won't be able to make up since all my other weekends are near-filled) and Derrick's dad's surprise 50th birthday party. If they win the division, they don't play until Tuesday/Wednesday--thus rendering events uncanceled.


On that note, I went to the game with Derrick's mom on Friday....and had a fairly good time. The energy in the dome was FANtastic, and I darn near lost my voice. Funny, they had the Detroit/KC score up as well, and all of a sudden the Metrodome would explode into cheers (for no apparent reason during the game). It turns out that people were cheering as much for KC to win/Detroit to lose as they were for the home town team to win...whilst sitting in the live game.

So, GO KC!
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I hate the Yankees.

I'm not fond of Lew *cough*(zer)*cough* Ford (Twins) either, but hey, maybe some day he'll stop striking out and dropping balls and being from Texas....or not.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Friday night...

Edit: Just so I don't sound like a complete hater, let it be known that I think Justin Morneau is awesome...but mostly because he has the cutest li'l curly blond hair EVAH. Okay, so he's a good player as well.
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It's crazy that my very first childhood hero died today. My parents let me stay up late every night to watch the 1991 World Series. Kirby Puckett was the absolute star, and my absolute favorite. It's crazy that he was only 44. I don't think that one can be a Minnesota baseball fan and not love Kirby. He was extremely loyal to the team and to the fans (all groping aside, of course--nothing could knock him off my pedestal).

Yeah. I can't really say much more. I'm just...shocked and sad.


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