May. 10th, 2017 09:52 am
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 I get oddly attached to things. Some of this might be a trickle-down trait from my family of hoarders (the tendency diluted with each progressive generation*). 

We cut down a tree in our backyard this morning and I am unexpectedly sad about it. It had to be done, it was a birch (not long-lived anyway) that was half-dead (it was only a quarter-dead last year!). There is no way to save it. It won't get better. It will just keep dying and huge birch branches will keep falling into the yard as they rot out (last year the dead part had been over open-space yard...but the new dead part is over the neighbor's house and our gutters). 

It has to come out. I know this. The sooner the better--because the ground needs time to re-absorb the roots and rot a bit and then a new tree needs time to grow up. Doing it now means that I can still get a vegetable garden in at its base, as I have so many years in the past. 

But it is still sad. I don't like yards without trees. They feel harsh and bare and empty. We still have one tree (that got hugely trimmed last year) but it's not a great one and it will have to come down in a few years too. 

*My particular brand of hoardery-ness comes in the form of my vintage toys, craft supplies, wanting to save Nadia's stuff for "the next baby" (not a thing right now), and trees. Apparently. I'm fine tossing a ton of other stuff.


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