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 Once in a while I still have "showed up the day of the test without having been to any of the classes" anxiety dreams. The setting is college, but it always reflects on how I'm feeling about work at the time. 

Last night's messaging wasn't so subtle. I woke up in a cold-panic sweat because they had scheduled rehearsal right before we were about to go live and I couldn't print the edited scripts. Everyone was mad at me. One printer was broken. The hotel business center was closed. I couldn't find the character station (that has my lovely, fast laser printer). Seconds ticked down with the audience filling up the room. 

There is no missing a deadline on a live event. It goes on and you have what you have. Once it starts it starts. And I couldn't print my damned scripts. 

Of course, I've had many variations of this dream: Showing up with nothing written and trying to write a whole script minutes before the show, etc. 
It is reflective of my general mental state around this event. Which is... uh. . . frayed. It sounds arrogant to say, but it's a good thing for all involved that I'm really, really good at my job. :/


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