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I suppose I should start posting in dreamwidth so I don't have to re-import any LJ entries?

Ohgod, I hate change.
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I've been watching Star Trek Enterprise lately. I've also been listening to The Greatest Generation podcast to and from work (it is Star Trek The Next Generation focused).

I made my way through many Star Trek properties, and I have opinions.

My ranking for Star Treks, influenced somewhat by nostalgia:

1. The Next Generation
2. The Original Series
3. Voyager
4. Deep Space 9
5. Enterprise

To be fair, I've only seen 3 episodes of Enterprise so far.

Allow me to do a lengthy trekkie rundown:

1. Next Generation.

I will admit that a great portion of my fondness for TNG comes from nostalgia. Even the "bad" first season episodes I find mostly not so bad.

  • The characters are, mostly, truly interesting and it's a joy to see them all interact as a cohesive unit that you can believe is friendly when the camera is "off". More than any other ST, they seem like they "go on" after the episode ends. It's fun to see the crew hang out.
  • Jean Luc Picard is a great captain and has great foils in Riker and the rest of the bridge crew. And his foils aren't extreme reactions to his personality, as in some other series.
  • Characters who are "different" have differences, but we aren't beaten over the head with them on a day-to-day basis when doing their job. Worf doesn't feel the need to point out "I AM A KLINGON" in every episode or at every moment.
  • It's a very Star Trekky kind of show. A lot of the episodes are character-building and world-building without any grave danger. They manage to do this without being boring OR without prolesthetizing too much. A lot of their focus is on solving philosophical issues or exploring a facet of humanity.
  • Guinan, Picard, Wesley (shut up, love him still), Riker, Q...all great characters. There are a ton of great, nuanced characters.
  • Lots of humor mixed in.

  • Most of the first season. Let's be honest.
  • Deanna Troi. She is useless most of the time. The caricature of her is quite sexist (oh, a woman loves chocolate and EMOTIONS). When she might actually be able to help with an issue she's mysteriously not in an episode. Also they use her as a rape-object far too much. Mostly it's mental, but sometimes not! Jesus.
  • The holodeck is interesting but problematic in so many ways.
  • Ferengi

2. The Original Series.

This, probably more than anything, is getting an artificially inflated ranking based on my nostalgia.

  • The original power of some of the ideas (equality, justice, etc.) are still strong and cannot be brushed aside--especially for its time.
  • Kirk/Spock/Bones trifecta is awesome.
  • Plays for a lot of humor. More than one might think.
  • Interesting philosophical questions/issues explored.
  • Shatner was hot.
  • The schmaltz factor is high.
  • It gets super hit-over-the-head preachy.
  • Slow moving.
  • Shatner's acting is...difficult to revisit as an adult, sometimes.
  • Lots of convenient plot action.
  • Sexism isn't supposed to be a "thing" but oh-ho, it still is.

3. Voyager

After watching DS9, I discovered that I really like a ship to be moving in space.

  • Janeway, about half the time.
  • Chakotay and Seven of Nine are really interesting, nuanced characters. Actually, I really really liked the addition of Seven of Nine.
  • No contact with traditional starfleet makes for some very interesting situations.
  • Interesting take with the holographic doctor.

  • Every alien species is just a human with some junk slapped on their forehead.
  • Tom Paris is annoying AF. Also, all his relationships.
  • Janeway, the other half of the time.
  • Inexplicable Barclay episodes. Holy crap, did I never miss him.

4. Deep Space 9

  • Sisko is awesome (even if he does speak every line as though it had a secret meaning that only he understands).
  • Really good toward the end of the show.
  • I like Bashir.
  • Manages to make Ferengis interesting.
  • Super interesting Cardassian subplots.

  • I do not give a fuck about the O'Briens. Not one solitary fuck--and they had tons of relationship episodes.
  • I do not give a fuck about the Bajoran religion.
  • This includes the emissary. DNGAF.
  • Ferengis are still pretty annoying.
  • I do not give a fuck about Odo/shapeshifters.
  • Dax is played with an awful wink-nod that the actress doesn't earn and can't pull off (but the Trill are kind of interesting).

5. Enterprise.

I haven't gotten that far in yet, so mostly I'll reserve judgement as it's clearly still finding its feet. However, the theme is atrocious and the acting so far is not strong. T'Pol bugs the shit out of me and Bakula isn't doing his best work here.

I was surprised how, in retrospect, I get really mad thinking about a lot of the DS9 subplots. Voyager certainly isn't great, but every time I think about the O'Briens fighting Voyager gets better and better. 

There's more to say, but I'll leave it there for now. Discuss!


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